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Poignées & Guidolines

Zipp Service Course Bar Tape
Le ruban de la barre de service de Zipp offre un excellent amortissement et une bonne prise en main. Cet emballage élégant est estampé de logos pour un aspect personnalisé et comprend des bouchons et des bandes de ruban de finition.
Zipp Service Course Cyclocross Ruban de guidon
Roulez avec style grâce à cette guidoline « Service Course cyclocross » Une bonne épaisseur pour soutenir les rigueurs de cette discipline et plaira aussi aux cyclistes sur route Surface hachurée en croisé pour une bonne prise Deux bandes de 1.9 m avec embouts ovales "Z"
Supacaz Siliconez
$23.99 - $24.99
Siliconez are the grip of choice for top world cup XC racers looking for both weight savings and performance. Feeling is believing with Supacaz’s patented memory foam attributes that mold to your hand providing consistent grip in any condition. The shock-absorbing qualities reduce fatigue of not only hands but the entire upper body. - Material: Silicone Foam - Diameter: 32mm(sl), 34mm(xl), 36mm (xxl) - Length: 130mm - UV resistant - Latex-free
Supacaz Star Plugz Anodized
The premier bar plugs in the pro peloton scream style. Color match or contrast to get your ideal look. Star Plugz are the clear choice for the discerning rider. - Anodized aluminum bar plugs - 3mm screw & expand - Laser-etched - Patented lock tight crown design (plugs never fall out)
Supacaz Super Sticky Kush Silicone Gel
Super Sticky Kush is the bar tape of choice for 3x World Champion Peter Sagan. Fusing performance and style, Supacaz delivers the only bar tape worth dreaming about. We boldly claim that Super Sticky Kush is the best bar tape ever. Silicone Gel dampens and eliminates all vibrations for the smoothest ride. - Super Sticky PU (top layer): Superior supple hand feel with long lasting performance. Extremely advanced polyurethane that remains tacky in wet conditions. Highly resistant to UV rays, climate, and sweat. - Kush Foam (middle layer): Exclusive compound that maximizes dampening via a nano amount of foam. Shock absorbing qualities that drastically improve bike handling in the corners, downhill, and in rough conditions. - Silicone Gel: This backing provides additional comfort and vibration dampening. - Emboss: The tape is completed with the embossment of the beloved Supacaz pattern. The embossment creates the unique Supacaz look and wicks away moisture which maximizes grip. - Tackiest/best hand feel - Silicone gel injected - Long-lasting PU tape 1 Set includes: - Two Super Sticky Kush Silicone Gel tape rolls - Two aluminum laser-etched Star Plugz (powder coated or anodized) - Two high-end rubberized finish tapes
Specialized Contour Gel Locking Grips
Whether you're riding on your local streets or your local trails, your hands are bound to take a beating. Never fear, though, as Specialized's Contour Gel Locking Grips are here to take the pain out of sensitive hands. They worked closely with medical professionals over the course of their design, and the result is something close to pure bliss. At the exterior, you'll find that they're shaped with an ergonomic design that's plenty flexible in order to disperse pressure and absorb shock and vibration. Furthering the latter, Specialized gave the grips a high-density inner core, a medium-density body, and cushy gel in key contact areas to cushion the ulnar nerve. This means that your hands will be free of fatigue and numbness, so you'll exercise better control and handling. And just as importantly, the Contours have a locking design to secure their position on the bars, so you'll always have the right support, right where you need it. - Medically designed to conform to hand anatomy. This relieves pressure-related symptoms, such as pain and numbness, which often lead to fatigue. - Higher-density inner core for secure bar attachment. - Flexible, ergonomically-shaped gel platform absorbs shock and disperses pressure. - Medium-density gel body for secure grip. - Soft-density gel in key contact area cushions the ulnar nerve. - Easily installed locking clamp with 3mm bolt head ensures secure attachment. - Diameter: 30mm
Specialized S-Wrap Cork Handlebar Tape
When you look at the start line of a race that's bound for rough roads, you're sure to see bar upon bar wrapped in cork tape. Why? Because it's tough to beat the vibration absorbing properties of this natural material. With the Specialized S-Wrap Cork Handlebar Tape, however, we managed to do one better. It features a dual-density design that pairs cork with EVA foam tape, and the result of this is an incredible reduction in hand fatigue. They also gave it an elastomer gel backing to heighten the aforementioned, as well as overall comfort. And for easy installation, they kept everything highly stretchable and low in profile. - Low-profile cork/EVA foam tape is sleek and comforting over rough roads. - Elastomer gel backing provides additional comfort and vibration damping. - Easy-stretch tape with feathered edges creates a smoot, low profile wrap. - Bar end plugs included.
Specialized S-Wrap HD Tape
La bande S-Wrap HD de Specialized, résistante et de triple densité, est très belle et agréable à utiliser. Sa surface extérieure à texture en diamant offre une sensation exceptionnelle au guidon, tandis que le support en gel amortit les vibrations pour la protection et le confort.
SRAM DoubleTap Lever Hoods
$41.59 - $44.99
Keep your bike looking good with SRAM's DoubleTap Lever Hoods matching your frame. They're made of a soft, grippy rubber and will enhance any bike's appearance. They fit RED 22, Force 22 and RED 10-speed ErgoDynamic shifters.
SRAM Racing Grips
SRAM Racing Grips offer a great grip for total control and come in several sizes to fit your front-end setup. These durable rubber grips have stylish logos stamped in them and are built to last and not slip.
Race Face Love Handle
Qu'est-ce qui se passe entre vous et le VTT que vous aimez? La poignée Love, un profil très mince, une double poignée de verrouillage avec notre composé de silicone durable mais super collant qui offre une longue tenue et une adhérence par tous les temps. La Love Handle ne se limite pas à sa beauté en silicone, la zone de la paume est profilée de canaux pour permettre à l'air de circuler et à l'humidité de se dissiper tandis que le motif de diamant dans la zone de prise des doigts offre des tonnes de contrôle. Obtenez une bonne adhérence; vous ne voudrez pas perdre ces poignées d'amour!
Pro Bar End Plugs
• Anodized alloy cap • Fits handlebar inner diameter from 17.5mm • For MTB and Road use • Low profile design • Black plated bolt
Liv Cork Handlebar Tape
- Eva foam provides excellent vibration damping, reducing road buzz - Blended natural cork, helps absorb sweat and resists heat caused by friction - Includes end-plugs and finishing tape
Giant Contact Gel Handlebar Tape
$24.99 - $27.99
• Washable surface • EVA integrated absorbs shock and increase comfort • Durable all conditions perforated surface for ventilation. • Includes Giant logo end-plugs and Giant finishing tape
Giant Contact Silicone Grips
- 100% ultralight silicone material - High friction surface for better grip - Improved shock absorption over standard rubber grips - Includes two diameter handlebar plug options
Giant Ergo Max Lock-On Grips
- Ergonomically Designed For Comfortable Weight Distribution - Extra Large Platform Reduces Hand Numbness - Triple-Density Material Provides Support And Reduces Vibration - Gel Layer Enhances Vibration Damping - Unique Polymer Compound Improves Durability In All Conditions - Giant 1.0 Lightweight Aluminum Lock-On System
Giant Ergo Max Plus Lock-On Grips w/ Bar-Ends
- Ergonomically Designed For Comfortable Weight Distribution - Extra Large Platform Reduces Hand Numbness - Triple-Density Material Provides Support And Reduces Vibration - Gel Layer Enhances Vibration Damping - Unique Polymer Compound Improves Durability In All Conditions - Giant 1.0 Lightweight Aluminum Single Lock-On System - Integrated Ergonomic Bar End For Multiple Riding Positions
Giant Stratus 3.0 Handlebar Tape
- La surface en PU améliore l'adhérence et réduit le glissement - Le support en microfibre procure une sensation de douceur et de confort - Le motif en relief du diamant a l'air puissant et améliore l'adhérence globale - 3,0 mm d'épaisseur
Fizik Terra Microtex Bondush Tacky
Fi'zi:k's line of Terra bar tapes are designed for those who go off-road on drop bars. Bondcush is a layered mid-padding polymer foam that aids the absorption of road buzz. Bonded to a microtex outer layer this material blend is Fi'zi:k's chunkiest option that combines comfort, versatility, and durability, ideal to tackle all kind of roads. A sticky gel backing serves two functions: it replaces the adhesive tape for an easy removal during cleaning and damps off-road chatter without feeling too squishy. - Bondcush construction 3mm thick - Gel backing - Tacky touch
Fizik Vento Microtex Tacky
La gamme de bandes Vento de Fi'zi:k est élevée en compétition pour un contrôle ultime et un poids réduit. Le microtex est l'option la plus fine pour la manipulation et le contrôle de l'aiguisage. Sa finition collante permet d'obtenir une surface antidérapante et collante avec une texture en relief pour une adhérence optimale dans toutes les conditions. - Construction en microtex de 2 mm d'épaisseur - La touche tactique
Fizik Vento Solocush Tacky
Fi'zi:k's line of Vento tapes are race bred for ultimate control and reduced weight. Solocush is their most streamlined cushioned construction – a single-layer chunky platform to rest on during longer rides without compromises on weight. - Tacky finish adds a sticky nonslip surface with a raised texture for ultimate grip in every condition. - Solocush construction 2.7mm thick
Evo Alloy Bar Cap
- Construction en alliage forgé durable - Tient la poignée ou le ruban adhésif solidement sur le guidon - Empêcher les poignées de se déchirer lors de l'accident - Convient à la plupart des bars de montagne et de route
Evo Handlebar Tape End Plugs
- Bouchons d'extrémité à visser pour guidon de route - Mêmes prises que celles fournies avec les rubans pour guidon Classic Plus, Stylista et Supergrip
Evo MTB Grips
- Poignées en caoutchouc - Longueur de la poignée : 130 mm
49°N Kids Grip
Construction en caoutchouc gel pour un équilibre optimal entre confort et durabilité. - Le motif en diamant offre une excellente adhérence - 90mm de longueur
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